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                About Us

                Guangzhou wan sheng audio co,Ltd

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                Service and Quality
                Products widely used in large-scale sound reinforcement performances in public places, such as open-air stadiums, plazas, indoor sports, theater and other performances. Our customers have been distributed in 30 domestic provinces and cities, after years of development and accumulation of good customer relations, but also gained valuable experience in project implementation. Let customers use the product while simultaneously enjoy Fengle sound business professional, large-scale services.

                    Wangsheng sound quality as the enterprise has been to promote the healthy and rapid development of business continuity protection of core power, has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, CE certification, UL safety certification, CCC certification.

                     As early as 1999, Wangsheng sound business enterprise with advanced hardware, software, services, and advanced process and strict quality management by the world's first unique authoritative ISO9001 international quality management system certification, obtained in the international market navigate the green card.

                      Wangsheng audio business in 2002 by the appropriate conformity assessment procedures, to obtain the product into the European Community market permits - CE certificate. CE certification is to enter the European market, meet the health, sanitation, safety, environmental protection and consumer protection laws and product certification.

                      2003 Wangsheng sound enterprise products also passed China Compulsory Certification - CCC certification. CCC - China Compulsory Certification Certification is the national authorities for the protection of consumer safety, protect animal and plant life, environmental protection, protection of national security, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to implement a mandatory product compliance with national standards, technical regulations of conformity assessment certification.

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