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                KA200 This is specialized to measure the body to order to bui
                Projects Case
                      Product Category
                > KA Series
                > PS Series
                > F Series
                Product Features:
                ■ Each low frequency horn unit must have 350W continuous power, the maximum power of not less than 700W, 8 euro
                ■ Each high frequency horn unit must have 150W continuous power, the maximum power of not less than 300W
                In the angle of coverage: four level shunt guide to sound, uniform diffusion
                In the vertical coverage angle: 90 degrees
                ■ Frequency response: not less than 50-19Khz
                ■ The maximum sound pressure level is not less than 106dB
                Appearance Size Map:
                Technical Specifications:
                 Model  MINI2210
                 Frequency response  50Hz-19kHz
                 Free field  The 75Hz-15kHz±3dB,@1±3D maximum sound pressure level
                 Coverage angle(6dB)  100 degree
                 LF  The drive unit-low frequency:two 10" paper disc drive
                 HF  Two 1.4 "with a neodymium magnet metal diaphragm dome
                type driver
                 Continuous power  650W(MAX1300W)
                 Impedance  4 ohm
                 Frequency response  45-19Khz
                 Hangers way  Refined steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel bolt
                 Supporting frame  No
                 Frequency division  No
                 Size  290MM×450MM×1060MM
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